Support for Parents


Yvonne Cunnington is our Medical Officer.

Contact her on 01484 657641 ext 1212  or via email:

Yvonne's background is in nursing.  She will be able to offer support with:

  • children in need of hearing or sight tests.
  • children with eating anxieties and how to encourage children to eat a  more varied diet.
  • children in need of toileting support.
  • children who are experiencing persistent illness which prevents them from attending school. 



Simone Wilson is our Safeguarding Officer.

Contact her on 01484 657641 ext 4024  or via email:

Simone’s background is in social work. She is available to offer support to:

  • children and families to develop resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.
  • improve emotional and mental  wellbeing.
  • to manage separation, attachment, and anxiety issues.
  • manage emotions and recognise feelings and reactions.


Liz Roby is our Attendance & Pupil Support officer (APSO).

Contact her on 01484 657641 ext 1407 or via email:

Liz is available to support families with issues impacting their child's attendance record.