Lindley CE Infant School Parent Council

The next meeting of the parent council for 2018/19 will take place on Tuesday 19th November 2018 1.30-3.15pm. 

We need new members and invite you to come along and offer your help and support.

This meeting is an invitation for all parents across all year groups regardless of whether you have previously attended any meetings.

Our Parent Council, works in partnership with the leadership team and the Governing Body to support the strategic direction of the school.

It has an advisory and consultative role where ideas can be suggested by parents and ideas can be put to parents by the Governing Body to consult on.

Our Parent Council consists of a committed group of parents who are willing to meet regularly to discuss ideas to move the school forward. The ideas themselves will come from you as parents and the council have set up channels of communication to enable you to put forward ideas and suggestions.

Please note this is not about individual pupils, classes or members of staff.

The council has a maximum of 15 members. We have parents from last year who have agreed to serve again but we are looking for new members to join from all year groups. If you are interested in making a difference to school life and believe you have the drive to support the school and its future please come to our meeting on Tuesday 19th November.

The minimum time commitment would be 2 hours every half term for at least 12 months (6 times a year). The meetings are held on Monday afternoons between 1.30-3.30pm.

The group has a formal constitution and members of the council will have specific roles and responsibilities. A decision on who will serve on the council for this year will be based on achieving a balance of representation in school i.e. across year groups and classes. If you can’t make the meeting but would be interested in joining our Parent Council—please complete the reply slip on our website. The parent council will be reaching out to all parents to ask for support. You may have specific skills or interests that could be used in school to support the children’s education. If you don’t want to be part of the parent council but would be willing to share these skills we would love to hear from you too. Please complete the reply slip and the council will get in touch at a later date.

 The members of the Parent Council for 2017/18 were:

Stephanie Potts, Nicky Armitage, Gill Watkins, Julie Barker, Tajinder Banwait, Ranjit Kaur, Dean Senior, Jason Donaldson, Rebecca Beaumont, Kathryn Crowther, Lucy Curran, Carson McCombe, Nigel Hinson  and Richard Ellin.

Contact Us: There are loads of ways to get in touch with the Parent Council: 

  • Speak to us in the playground 
  • Email us: 
  • Drop us a note in the Parent Council dropbox in reception 
  • Send us a message through our Facebook page: Council.

Let us know what you think…

Remember, research has shown that children do better when their parents are involved in their education and indicates that parental involvement is a key lever for school improvement.

There are 2 main strands to parental involvement:

• Parental involvement in their child’s learning

• Parental involvement in the life of the school. The Parent Council is your opportunity to get involved.



Lindley CE Infant School Parent Council
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