FOLIS - Up and coming meetings and fundraising events

Upcoming Events

FOLIS meeting in school Monday 12th March 2018
Beetle drive  Friday 16th March 2018 6-8pm
Mother's Day Secret Shop Thursday 22nd March 2018
Easter Coffee Morning Wednesday 28th March 2018
FOLIS meeting in school Tuesday 8th May 2018
Year 2 Family Disco May 2018.  Exact date TBC.
Spring Fair Saturday 12th May 2018
Year 2 bun bake sale Friday 18th May 2018
Father's Day Gift Joke Book Thursday 14th June 2018
Father's Day Park Run Sunday 17th June 2018
Year 2 Leavers' Party Thursday 19th July 2018

The 2016-17 FOLIS fundraising activities offered great family fun whilst also raising vital funds - nearly £3,800 - for school, which is being put towards our target of raising sufficient funds to lease a school mini bus.

In 2017-18,  please get involved, we'd love you to join in the fun whilst raising money to help your children.

FOLIS Fundraising - Foreign Currency

 Ever come back from your holiday abroad with a pocket full of foreign coins/notes, thrown them in a drawer ready for your next holiday or trip and then never used them? If so, FOLIS can help you out!

 If you have any foreign currency you don’t need, please send to school in an envelope marked FOLIS – Foreign Currency. They can then exchange the donations, through a set scheme, to raise funds for school.


Update on funds raised in 2017-18

Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising events in the 2017-18 academic school year.

Our fundraising events have raised the following:

Macmillan Coffee morning Friday 29th September  £490
October Cake Sale  £82
October 'Lindley Freeze' Ice Cream Sale  £42
FOLIS Family disco Friday 5th November Image result for disco dancing children TBC
Christmas Card sales  £465.50
November 'Lindley Freeze' Ice Cream Sale  £89
FOLIS Quiz Night Image result for quiz night £1500
Christmas Coffee morning Friday 1st December  £280
Film night Friday 26th January Image result for moana TBC
Year 1 bun Bake sale Friday 9th February  TBC
Year 1 Family Disco Friday 9th February Image result for disco dancing children  
Total for the 2017-18 year to date £2948






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