School Uniform Policy

Jewellery - No jewellery should be worn in school, particularly earrings, which are a potential safety hazard.

Wristwatches are permitted but should be named.

A number of children have returned to school with recently pierced ears. In this case, children they must use micropore tape (or equivalent) to fully cover both sides of the earring while they heal. This needs to be applied everyday until the earrings can be removed. After this time earrings must be removed for school on a daily basis.

Haircuts and hair dye - Hair should be of a ’natural’ colour and not dyed. Long hair should be tied up and ribbons, bobbles, hair bands and slides should be simple and practical in style. Short hair should be not too harsh and should not have ‘fashion’ markings shaved into it (e.g. tram-lines).

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