Choir Singing in Lindley - Tuesday 5th December

The choir are very much looking forward to performing in the village on Tuesday 5th December. If you have not confirmed whether your child is attending, please contact the school office by the morning of Monday 4th December so that we have an accurate record of children attending the event and can ensure that they attend rehearsals in school time.


On the night, please meet at the school’s main entrance at 6.15pm and we will walk to the village together. Children do not need to wear their school uniform on the evening. Please ensure that your child has a hat and gloves to help them keep warm.


The choir are due to sing on Lidget Street, in the community garden next to Lindley Tap at 6.30pm and they will perform a selection of songs for approximately 15 minutes.


Thank-you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you next week.

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