Lockdown and Invacuation

Lockdown or Invacuation Procedure

A lockdown or invacuation procedure would be used if the need ever arises when children are outside to get them inside for safety as soon as possible, or if the children are inside and need to remain in the classroom because of an internal danger.  It may be that a danger is spotted by staff on duty, or instructions are received from an outside emergency service.  The Lockdown procedure in school  is supported by guidance issued on the government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/developing-dynamic-lockdown-procedures

An invacuation may be deemed the most appropriate course of action if an emergency situation occurs outside the school buildings or grounds and which renders an evacuation unsafe.  Once the children are safely inside, school activities can continue as normal.

Invacuation may be appropriate in many circumstances.  For example:

  • If air pollutants are present due to a nearby fire of chemical release
  • If a dangerous animal is in the playground
  • If an aggrieved or intoxicated parent is trying to obtain access to pupils or staff

A Lockdown may be deemed the most appropriate where an external or internal danger poses a significant threat to both staff and pupils.  In the event of a lockdown, staff and pupils would be expected to stay in a designated safe area inside until advised otherwise by the emergency services. 

The additional step of lockdown of the buildings/grounds aims to help prevent an intruder or violent individual from causing harm.  Entrances to the school will be secured to make every effort to prevent an intruder from entering the premises. 

A lockdown practice will be carried out with the children at least 3 times a year in the same way as we have fire evacuation practices. 

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