Emergency Information

These arrangements are for both Lindley C E Infant and Lindley Junior Schools


It is a rare event for the school to be closed on a normal school day. It can happen if there is a breakdown of essential services such as heating failure, no water or electricity supply. It can also occur if there are severe weather conditions.

1. Breakdown of essential services:
Where possible any closure will be notified to parents by text and letter the previous afternoon.
Children will never be sent home early without notice, we will always keep children here until they are collected.
As far as possible, parents will be contacted by telephone and/or text and asked to collect children.
In the event of an overnight breakdown you will be informed of closure at the school gates the next morning, and asked to take the children home.
The message on the answer phone will be changed to confirm the closure and announce the re-opening of the school.
We will try to have the closure announced on Radio Leeds and The Pulse. We will also publish information on the website.

2. Severe weather conditions during the school day:
If there is heavy, sustained snowfall some parents may wish to collect their children before the end of the school day.
We ask parents to come to the school office and sign out their child.
Children will never be sent home early without notice.
Even in severe weather conditions, the school day will continue until 3.30pm as usual, but please assume that after school activities will be cancelled.
It is parents' responsibility to inform any other after school provision about any changes to their children's after school arrangements.

3. Severe Weather overnight:
If heavy snow falls overnight, please listen to Radio Leeds or The Pulse for further information. We will up date the school website as soon as possible, our announcements will have a date and time.  The school answer phone message will also be changed to inform you of the current situation.  Members of staff who live locally will try to be in school to answer the phone but please do not drop your child off at school without first establishing that school will be opening.

It is important to remember that some staff have to travel considerable distances, and may be advised not to make the journey to school in these circumstances. We will endeavour to have someone in school but please check teaching staff are on site before leaving your child.

Please be assured that we only decide to close our school in exceptional circumstances where the safety of the children is the primary concern.  On occasion this may be due to the availability of teaching staff who travel some distance to reach school, rather than purely conditions for pupils getting to school.

Should you wish to check reports of closure, you can also check the council website www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolclosures where you will find up-to-date information.