Your child will start school in the year he/she turns five and will begin full-time school in September, parents may defer their child's entry to full-time school if they wish.

Children do not have to be in full-time education until the start of the term following their fifth birthday and parents may defer either entry to school as follows:

Date of Birth between - 1st September and 31st December may defer entry until the Start of the Spring Term in January

Date of Birth between - 1st January and 31st March may defer entry until the Start of the Summer Term in April

Date of Birth between - 1st April and 31st August may defer entry until the Start of the Summer Term in April

If you are thinking about deferring your child's entry to full-time school, please discuss it with the Head Teacher before making a decision.


Parents are requested to complete the Primary Common Application Form (PCAF) online through Kirklees Council School Admissions website, however parents seeking the admission of a child under category (2, 3 & 6) of our Admissions Criteria will need to submit a Supplementary Information Form signed by their own clergy to support their application. 

Please note the following dates for completing your appliction :


Applications made from:

Closing Date :

Start Date:

1st Sept 2014 – 31st August 2015

1st September 2018

15th January 2019

September 2019


1st Sept 2015 - 31st August 2016

1st September 2019 15th January 2020 September 2020
1st Sept 2016 - 31st August 2017 1st September 2020 15th January 2021 September 2021

Our Governors may ask to see the following documentation during the application process: 

Birth Certificate for the child being registered.

Recent Utility Bill or Bank Statements showing parent's full name and current home address of where the child is living.

Official document showing child's name living at the registration address which can be one of the following official documents: NHS Medical Card, Child Benefit Statement, Working Tax Credit statement or Child Trust Fund Voucher/Letter.


The closing date for applications is the 15TH JANUARY before your child will commence Reception in the September (the school year that they turn 5 years old).

The School Governors will meet to review all applications and determine allocation of places after the closing date of 15th January. The Governors will try to meet parents' wishes whenever possible. Final decisions cannot be taken until it is known how many places will still be available at the school after the needs of those who clearly satisfy the Governors' conditions have been met.
The Education Authority will write to offer places in the April before your child is due to start in the September (This is the same time as all other schools within the Kirklees Area are informed of places).

Parents wishing to transfer a child to the school after moving into the neighbourhood during the school year, or without changing their address, will need to complete an In-Year Common Application Form (ICAF) returning this to their school of choice.


Please note that if your child is admitted to school and you live (or move to) outside the priority admission area, you must not assume that a place will be available at the junior, middle or high schools for your child. The appropriate admissions process will need to be completed at the relevant time for admissions to the next school.


Where the governors are unable to offer a place because the school is over subscribed, parents have the right to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel, set up under the School Standards and Framework Act, 1998, as amended by the Education Act, 2002. Parents who intend to make an appeal against the Governing Body’s decision to refuse admission must submit a notice of appeal within twenty one days of receiving the refusal letter.  Normally appeal hearings will be held within six weeks of the closing date for receiving the notice of appeal.


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