Year 2 Useful Websites

Please click on the picture icons below to access websites we recommend to support your Year 2 child's learning at home.

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What is a food chain?  Learn about who eats what in a food chain.  What types of foods do animals eat?  Learn about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores with BBC Bitesize..

Drag the parts of the food chain to the correct place.  When the chain is complete, it will come to life and you can watch the food chain in action.

Click here to find out fascinating facts about minibeasts!

Play a Forest Life Trail game to learn about living things.



Play games to help with spelling, sentences, verbs, collective nouns, compound words, singular to plural, story sequencing, alphabetical order and grammar.

Play games to develop learning about nouns and adjectives.

Have fun with phonics!

Have fun playing BBC Bitesize Deep Sea phonics!

Fun games to help with spelling and reading.


Perfect Punctuation Kung Fu style!


Term 2: Traditional Tales


 Watch the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in 7 exciting video clips on the BBC.



 Help your child with Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication, as they play the game as MrJelly, Mr Dizzy, Mr Tickle or Mario!


 Have fun with Maths games.


 Have fun with BBC Bite Size Camel Times Tables.

Fun Maths Games on the Top Marks website.

More Maths fun with Top Marks.

The 4 Games Website has lots of fun Maths games.


Term 1

What was it like in a World War One Trench?  Find out with BBC Bite Size.

Find out about Walter Tull, the first black office to lead white British soldiers in battle, with BBC Bite Size.

Term 3: 

Find out about Florence Nightingale on the BBC Website.  Did you know she had a pet owl named Athena?



Learn about Code in a Minecraft World, Frozen or Star Wars!

Learn about programming with BBC Bite Size.


Term 2: 

Find out about Mapping, your Local Area,the Seaside, Weather and Seasons and the Wider World.

Join the futuristic Environmental Intelligence Unit and help protect the environment! Tackle a series of interactive missions to learn about saving energy, reducing waste and recycling litter.  Play this and many more games on the BBC Website.












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