KS1 Tests and teacher assessment

At the end of KS1, teachers must make their judgements for each eligible pupil, taking into account the pupil’s progress and performance throughout the key stage. They must base their Teacher Assessment judgement on a broad range of evidence from across the curriculum for each pupil and use their knowledge of a pupil’s work over time, taking into account the pupil’s

• written, practical and oral classwork

• results of the statutory KS1 tests

• homework

Teacher assessment (TA) is the main focus for end of KS1 assessment and reporting. It is carried out as part of teaching and learning.  TA provides a judgement that is based on knowledge of how the pupil has performed over time and in a variety of contexts. Schools are not required to report test results to their LA or to parents.


For KS1 English reading, English writing and mathematics, teacher assessment is the primary outcome. Pupils will be assessed against 4 standards:

        growing development of the expected standard

·         working towards the expected standard

        working at the expected standard

        working at greater depth within the expected standard



Click here  to see information from the Government Standards and testing Agency about the SATs tests taken in the summer term of year 2.


National Curriculum Tests (SATs) at Key Stage 1 video - click below: