Handwriting Guide

Continuous Cursive Script

At the beginning of the academic year 2016-17, we altered our handwriting formation to a cursive style and have introduced this through handwriting sessions to all year groups. You may have noticed when looking at your child’s handwriting that they now begin all letters with an entry stroke from the line and for many children, their handwriting is joined.

We would like to share some information about this style of handwriting so that you can understand why we have made the changes this academic year and how you can support your child at home.

The most important feature is that each letter is formed without taking the pencil off the paper and each word is formed in one, flowing movement. All continuous cursive letters are taught with a lead-in and exit stroke.


• Each letter starts on the line.

• The pencil stays on the paper for the whole word, giving a fluent style.

• Pupils should develop ability to produce letters without thinking. 

• Automatic style releases brain to concentrate on other aspects e.g. grammar, spelling, etc.


• By making each letter in one movement, children’s hands develop a ‘physical memory’ of it, making it easier to produce the correct shape. 

• Because letters and words flow from left to right, children are less likely to reverse letters when writing. 

• There is a clearer distinction between capital letters and lower case.

• The continuous flow of writing improves speed and spelling

• Proven to be beneficial for dyslexic children due to the continuous motor movement as children do not have to think about the order of letters.

• Gives natural spaces between letters.

• There will be a consistent use of one style throughout the school in all areas of the curriculum.

• When fluency is established by early use, it helps children express their ideas more readily.

By the end of Year 2, children are expected to demonstrate:

• The ability to write all letters with consistent size and form.

• A maintained cursive, joined style throughout a piece of writing.

• Good pace and legibility.

Click on this link to see a picture of the correct pencil grip to help you child improve their handwriting.