Traffic & Parking

We ask all our families to try to walk to school whenever possible to try to ease the traffic congestion around school.  This is an ongoing issue and we are in regular contact with the local police and local councillors to try and ease the pressure.  We want to keep all the children safe and rely on the goodwill of our parents to ensure that no-one is unnecessarily hurt by inconsiderate driving and parking.

Please follow these few simple rules when bringing your child to school:

  • Walk to school whenever possible.
  • Do NOT drive on George Street to park or drop children off.
  • If you need to drive, park safely away from school and walk.
  • Show consideration to our local residents by not blocking drives.
  • Do NOT park on zig zags or double yellow lines.
  • Do NOT use the car park behind Lindley Methodist Church - this is for Church use only.
  • Use our Park & Stride locations.
  • Use the Yellow bus

Our Walk to school leaflet gives other options for you to use to keep traffic congestion around school to a minimum.  Click below for details.

Walk to school leaflet

Yellow Bus Information

Traffic and Parking
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