Road Safety Week 2017

This years Road Safety Week is from the 20th to 26th November. 

As part of Road Safety week, we are having a 'Fresh Air Friday' on Friday 24th November 2017.

For Fresh Air Friday we ask that where possible children walk to school.  We appreciate that this is not possible for all pupils as parents and carers have busy work schedules and committments which necessitate using a car.  In circumstances where the use of a car is required, we ask that parents and carers consider parking slightly further away from school so they might finish the journey to school on foot, taking time to discuss road safety and the benefits of walking with their children whilst walking.

Our school will be taking part in UK Road Safety Week, coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity. The children will learn about road safety and the importance of drivers keeping their Speed Down to Save Lives. In the UK speeding is still a major problem. It causes needless crashes, untold suffering and stops people living safe and healthy lives. Simply put, it is a driver’s speed that will determine whether they can stop in time and, if they can’t stop, how hard they will hit.

At school we will discuss road safety with the children in their classes and through our Junior Safety officers. We will talk about using roads safely by following the Green Cross Code; about the dangers of fast traffic; and about how walking and cycling is good for our health and the environment. We will also we be giving out stickers and promoting it through our Fresh Air Friday on 24th November.

Please help us make local roads safer by reinforcing the same clear messages at home!

n particular, we ask you to:

  •  cross roads safely with your child and teach them the Green Cross Code
  • make sure your child holds an adult’s hand around roads until they are at least eight
  • help your child learn about safe walking/cycling routes in the area, especially any traffic-free paths or quiet roads with slow traffic and good pavements
  • if you drive, protect children (and adults) by slowing down and going 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops.

Thanks to one of our parents who put in a suggestion to Parent Council, we will be selling children’s dinosaur reflectors during week commencing 20.11.17. They are perfect for attaching to coats, bags or pencil cases helping them to be more visible to other road users by reflecting light. Please send in £1 in a named envelope. 

Road crashes are the second biggest cause of death among young people aged 5-19 so educating our children about road safety is crucial.

Children under 15 can’t judge the speed of approaching vehicles travelling at over 20mph. They may think it’s safe to cross when it is not.

A child is hurt or killed every 31 minutes on UK roads.

This year the focus is on speed, with moto of the  'Speed down, save lives'.

'Brake' is the road safety charity who runs Road Safety week.  Click on their logo below to view more road safety information on their website.


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